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Cumberland Galleries

Cumberland Galleries is recognised as one of the leading picture restoration studios in the UK and has been established for more than 40 years.

We provide professional, knowledgable and timely cleaning and restoration for your precious and treasured paintings to enable you to experience their original beauty.

We work on all types of paintings and prints, panels and murals. Large paintings can be restored in situ and smaller works can be sent to us or collected.

As part of our restoration services we include canvas relining and the restoration and repair of quality framing including re-gilding.

Seeing is believing and the illustations and images in the Restorations section show different pictures in the process of being cleaned, in order to demonstrate the stark contrasts between the ‘before and after’ cleaning sequence.

Full insurance to give you peace of mind

All pictures or prints are covered by our comprehensive insurance, including collection and return delivery within the UK. Additional charges by quotation are made for transport outside the UK.

Lectures and Seminars

We are delighted to offer lectures and seminars explaining the art of picture restoration and cleaning, based on over 40 years experience. If you need a quotation for this, please get in touch through our enquiry form.

Contact us now

All enquiries for our expert guidance and opinion about restoration or cleaning can be made without obligation, pictures can be sent to us for quotations or we can arrange a site visit. References can be provided if required.

Cumberland Galleries Collection

Cumberland Galleries also has pictures for sale and these can be viewed by clicking the link beside Cumberland Galleries Collection on this page. Many of the paintings are exceptional examples by artists that particularly interest me. Please feel free to enquire about prices or viewings by completing the enquiry form, or telephoning 01522 810615.

Before and after image revealing the beauty of a picture cleaned and restored to its original colour and lustre.